Solaris Difference with Linux


Solaris being a Unix and being derived from BSD and System V it has differences in Kernel and tools. This is from a beginner's perspective

Common Open Source Tools

grep, find many of the commands have Unix alternatives (probably from System V) and those commands behave slightly different on Solaris

To access the gnu version of the commands all we need to do is append 'g'. For example,

  • gfind
  • ggrep
  • gsed and so on

find command

It is different in following ways,

  • it does not support the -delete option

grep command

  • it does not support -r recursive switch


The Solaris -pthreads and Linux -pthread options do equivalent things. Apparently, gcc-4.x series accepts -pthread for Solaris as well. [ref]

grander debugging tools

by those I mean following,

  • mdb
  • dtrace

A Unique FileSystem

ZFS is one of the most advanced file system

Kernel Differences

yet to be written

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