How to Install UniBijoy in Avro Keyboard 5.5.0

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We talked about Avro Keyboard 4.5.3 and using UniBijoy layout other day in this post. Today we talk about using Unibijoy keyboard layout with Avro Keyboard 5.5.0. Avro Keyboard 5.5.0 comes with some new features and is the latest to the date. Here are the steps,

  • First download Avro Keyboard 5.5.0 and install.
  • After installation is complete it’s time to include your desired keyboard layout.
  • Download Unibijoy keyboard from this link.
  • After downloading the keyboard layout copy it to avro’s keyboard layout folder: C:\ProgramData\Avro Keyboard\Keyboard Layouts. If you are using Windows XP you have to put it in following folder: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Avro Keyboard\Keyboard Layouts
  • Now exit avro keyboard and start again. Select UniBijoy from Keyboard Layout menu.

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That's all. Now you can start typing Bangla with any application that supports Unicode.

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