Useful Scripts and Utilities for Windows and Linux

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There are approximately a hundred scripts in the repository at the time of updating this post. Please visit my github scripts repo. and some reusable executable components that are parts of these scripts (helps achieve certain goals). I’m putting a brief summary here.

Windows Scripts

  • getword.cmd: get the pronunciation for specified word and play it with Windows Media Player
  • mac_spoofer: Change MAC and IP to specified host ip
  • install_patches: Install windows updates using patches from specified folder
  • ChangeIntConf: switch between ISPs. In office, I use to easily switch between ISPs using this script. Also it was useful to change my ATA device network settings.
  • ChromeDev_init.cmd & ChromeDev.cmd: set depot tools path and opens a new window
  • Cygwin_init.cmd & Cygwin.cmd: Open a customized Cygwin prompt
  • oglcl.cmd: Script includes all steps necessary to compile opengl files when you have windows sdk and glut installed. It runs the command line version of Visual Studio compiler to compile opengl project.
  • Share folder in network using net share command; delete them: addshares.cmd, delshares.cmd
  • Change IP Address of local area connection: change_ip.cmd
  • Change DNS servers for local area connection: change_dns.cmd
  • Run disk diagnostic tools on all drives of hard-disk and shut the pc down: check & down.cmd
  • Display reminders in message box: displaymsgdone.cmd
  • Incomplete Windows Script for rapidshare link downloads: dnrssingle.cmd Assembly scripts: Longtime ago I was doing some assembly programming. Here are those scripts: MASMInit.cmd, masm32cls.cmd, MASM32_Init.cmd, mpl.cmd. If you need more help on these assembly scripts please have at this article.
  • Open Jar files: ejar.cmd
  • Generate java bytecodes from java sources and run: Ejava.cmd, Ejavac.cmd
  • Extract single lines from file: file_var.cmd
  • Sink down in disguise: flush_os.cmd
  • Wait for specified timer interval and then notify on top of all windows: mdelay.cmd
  • Open any file with notepad++: npp.cmd
  • Create installer from installer script: nsis.cmd
  • Create new source file and open with visual studio: ocf.cmd
  • Rename all other extension files i.e.; .dat to .mpg:
  • Renameothersto_mpg.cmd
  • Vista won’t boot because you just reinstalled mbr. So repair it: Repair_vistabootmgr.cmd
  • Start, stop, web services (apache, php, mysql): samp.cmd
  • Want to just ping using the host id: like your ip is 10 so you type sping 10: sping.cmd
  • mssql services consumes CPU time. If you are not using you can control them using scripts; to start: StopServicesMSSQL.cmd, to stopStartServicesMSSQL.cmd
  • Shutdown PC when specified file is downloaded completely: stdn.cmd
  • Get an svnadmin prompt: svnadmin_init.cmd and svnadmin.cmd
  • Open a stable svn client: SVNDev_init.cmd, SVNDev.cmd
  • Force Windows Media Player to shutdown: wmpkill.cmd
  • This script enables Integrate Internet Download Manager integration after a specified amount of time and then disable on press key: afd.cmd
  • Change MAC Address of Network Interface: change_mac.cmd
  • checkheader.cmd: Get HTTP header for any website. Required installation of netcat.

Linux Scripts provided links on queue.txt The script downlods all links mentioned in queue.txt It supports automated download from rapidshare. (that was long time ago, probably does not work anymore)

There are some shortcuts in the repository. They points to different applications to assist command line launch. For example, if you try command excel.lnk in cmd it will open Microsoft Office Excel application.


Import and link article "assembling-and-linking-assembly"

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