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  • Randomized Select

    Tags: algorithms

    [Draft Article: this article requires understanding of Quick-Sort's Partition] Introduction Selection problem is to find a ranked number from a given list of number. k-th smallest number would be … more

  • Deterministic Select Algorithm

    Tags: algorithms

    [draft article - notes for remembering related stuffs pertaining to the topic] page 220, section 9.3, In step 2 says, Find the median of each of the [n/5] groups by first insertion-sorting … more

  • Hackerrank - Equal

    Tags: algorithms

    Problem Specification In my view, this problem's description can be simplified as following, We are given a list of numbers. We can perform following operation on these numbers, We can add or … more

  • DP Intro

    Tags: dynamic programming, algorithms

    Four steps of dynamic programming, Characterize the structure of an optimal solution. Recursively define th evalue of an optimal solution. Compute the value of an optimal solution, typically in a … more

  • Longest Increasing Subsequence

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    Introduction Longest Increasing subsequence is called LIS in short. Intro to Algorithms, CLR, 3rd ed, p397: Ex-15.4-6 asks, Give an O(n^2)-time algorithm to find the longest monotonically … more

  • Longest Common Subsequence

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    Longest Common Sub-sequence is called LCS in short. The Problem Consider these two strings ( sequences of characters), A B C D A C D B We are to find the common strings/sub-sequences of them. … more

  • Quick Sort

    Tags: algorithms, sorting

    Based on the idea that we can partition an array around a pivot (chosen element of the array), we can put the smaller (than pivot) elements on the left side and place greater elements on the right … more

  • bashrc script on Unix

    Tags: solaris

    I put most frequently used features on my .bashrc file. Most of it is about setting variables. This roughly involves following, setting variables setting history file Setting Variables A list, … more

  • Javascript V8 Touched Areas

    Tags: v8, sparc

    Worked on following areas, V8 SMI Assert & Debug related functions Worked on bringing up and maintaining cctest framework for Oracle Hardware Platform Tests SMI related tests Disassembler tests … more

  • Computer Networking Basic Interview Questions

    Primary References Microsoft technet - Address Classes Microsoft technet - Supernetting and Classless Interdomain Routing Private Addresses ( to … more

  • Notes on Email Services

    Junk Emails Are you receiving email from parties you never knew before? Don't click 'unsubscribe' or similar links in the email. You think they want to remove your email address from the list? If … more

  • Initial Setup of Debian Linux

    Tags: linux

    Debian is one of the renowned free Linux Distributions which had early GNU adaption and one year spnosorship from GNU for the project. Different flavors of Debian seem to be popular inside Google and … more

  • Deploying Orchard-1.10.2

    Tags: orchard, godaddy, Azure

    This article covers deploying the topic: "deploying Orchard-1.10.2" on Azure Websites. However, a vanilla Windows Hosting like Godaddy might as well have similar instruction. If you are using such a … more

  • Using Blob Storage with Azure Websites

    Tags: Azure, orchard

    orchardproject's Using-Windows-Azure-Blob-Storage provides documentation how to use blob storage with Azure websites. Following the documentation, I had been able to connect the blob storage account … more