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  • Review Mill Creek Apartments Milpitas

    Milpitas Demography The demography consists largely of Indians and Chinese. There a bunch of indian restaurants. on Dixon Landing & N Milpitas Boulevard there are lot of chinese restuarant and … more

  • Review - The Great Gatsby

    Tags: books

    [draft article] Brief Intro The book introduces with a sarcastic view of the world. The narrator of the story is Nick. He says, “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, “ he told me, “just … more

  • Work Rules and Regulations

    Interaction with Peers Interaction with Tech Managers Interaction with HR People Interaction with Managers (might be non tech) Work Ethics more

  • Introduction to Culture of Bangladesh

    Tags: bangla

    Cultural Overview How is the culture is affected? Key Points By 6 seasons in the country By a number of religions but the dominant one is Islam By Internet and access to technology huge impact on … more