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  • Initial Setup of Debian Linux

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    Debian is one of the renowned free Linux Distributions which had early GNU adaption and one year spnosorship from GNU for the project. Different flavors of Debian seem to be popular inside Google and … more

  • Difference between Solaris and Linux

    Tags: solaris, linux

    Introduction Solaris, a Unix OS derived from BSD and System V does things differently on Kernel, OS, userland and tools than Linux. This article is written from a beginner's perspective. I don't use … more

  • v8 build library issue on Fedora 24

    Tags: fedora, linux, v8

    Problem Description v8 build on Linux i.e., fedora is as simple procedure as depicted in our previous v8 build on linux article. However, clang++ redistributable that comes with v8 project depends … more

  • Installing and Configuring Fedora 24

    Tags: fedora, linux

    I followed following references to select correct swap size according to Main Memory available in my system, References for Partition and Recommended Swap Size RHEL 6- Recommended Partitioning … more

  • Fedora Proxy Settings

    Tags: linux, fedora

    There are some corporate and home networks that use proxy server for several reasons to access internet. However, this can cause great deal of distress if not configured properly. In this article, I … more

  • Creating Fedora 24 bootable USB UEFI

    Tags: boot, linux, fedora

    This exmaple uses a previous fedora distribution to create the bootable USB for Fedora 24. First, we install live cd tools which enable us to create live usb boot. Following command takes care of … more

  • Rescuing Fedora on EFI Boot Systems

    Tags: fedora, linux, efi, boot, grub2

    [draft article: This article is about EFI systems, for legacy boot systems please have a look at other links (under dev)] Introduction This article is for people who overwritten/modified by /boot/ … more

  • Building V8 on Linux

    Tags: v8, linux

    In this post, we give an example how v8 build is done on Linux. This uses fedora 23 (64 bit) Linux. However, the distribution does not matter. Setting Proxy Usually proxy settings is not required. … more

  • Graphics Driver for Linux

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    To check whether Graphics Media Accelerator exists or installed properly these commands help, $ glxgears $ glxinfo If you are using Intel Graphics chipset you can try following site that provides … more

  • Upgrading Fedora 17 (x86_64) to Fedora 18 using yum

    Tags: linux, fedora

    To update Fedora using yum we need a good internet connection. If we use a USB Wireless device for connecting to internet we should disable auto suspend for USB devices. Otherwise chances are that we … more

  • Fixing Sound on RHEL 6 and Fixing Totem Player

    Tags: rhel, linux

    Fist keep the sound settings as default. If you somehow changed it and forgot the default settings have a look at these screenshots. Please right click the sound icon from the task panel and select … more

  • Using GRUB2 Recovery Console to Boot Linux

    Tags: fedora, linux, boot

    Since GRUB has been updated to version 2.0 on all community Linux Distributions I had to figure it out how to recover or boot into a Linux System when this new GRUB runs into issues and defaults to … more

  • Installing TP-LINK TF-3200 driver on RHEL 6

    Tags: fedora, linux

    TP-LINK TF-3200 is a 10/100Mbps PCI Network Adapter supporting IEEE 802.3x Full Duplex Flow Control. Detail specification of the adapter is on TP-LINK's official page. This NIC is not recognized in … more