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  • Introduction to Culture of Bangladesh

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    Cultural Overview How is the culture is affected? Key Points By 6 seasons in the country By a number of religions but the dominant one is Islam By Internet and access to technology huge impact on … more

  • How to install Avro-Keyboard/Scim-Avro in Fedora

    Tags: fedora, bangla

    [probably outdated] Introduction Yesterday, I found that usual methods for installing Avro Keyboard in Ubuntu are not working on Fedora Core. Being curious, I delved into the problem. After some … more

  • How to Install UniBijoy in Avro Keyboard 5.5.0

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    We talked about Avro Keyboard 4.5.3 and using UniBijoy layout other day in this post. Today we talk about using Unibijoy keyboard layout with Avro Keyboard 5.5.0. Avro Keyboard 5.5.0 comes with some … more

  • Fixing Displaying of Bangla on Windows and Linux

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    Installing Asian Language (complex script) Support If you are using later release of Windows like Windows Vista or Seven skip to the next part, (installing bangle fonts). Install Asian language … more