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  • DP Intro

    Tags: dynamic programming, algorithms

    Four steps of dynamic programming, Characterize the structure of an optimal solution. Recursively define th evalue of an optimal solution. Compute the value of an optimal solution, typically in a … more

  • Longest Increasing Subsequence

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    Introduction Longest Increasing subsequence is called LIS in short. Intro to Algorithms, CLR, 3rd ed, p397: Ex-15.4-6 asks, Give an O(n^2)-time algorithm to find the longest monotonically … more

  • Longest Common Subsequence

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    Longest Common Sub-sequence is called LCS in short. The Problem Consider these two strings ( sequences of characters), A B C D A C D B We are to find the common strings/sub-sequences of them. … more

  • Quick Sort

    Tags: algorithms

    Quick sort, one of the fundamental sorting algorithms of computer science sorts an array efficiently on average. A few important things about Quick Sort, - expected running time θ(n lg n) - sorts in … more

  • codeforces 455 A Boredom

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    The solution I have developed is a dynamic programming twist. From the problem specification it is obvious to see that we can run a loop upto 10^5 and calculate max points using a recurrence … more

  • Preparation for Coding Interviews

    Tags: algorithms

    Intro This article will cover some ideas on preparation for coding interviews, useful related resources. Algorithm Problems to cover - Graph Problems - Binary Tree Extensively - Dynamic … more

  • Solving UVA 318 - Domino Effects Problem

    Tags: algorithms, uva

    Introduction Domino Effects is an interesting shortest path problem. The problem description can be found at uva site. Description As per the description, following can be noted about the dominoes, … more

  • Algorithm Course - Quick Note 01

    Tags: algorithms

    In this post, I'll be drawing some topics from an introductory lecture on Algorithms I have attended recently, Definition of algorithm An algorithm is a well-defined computational procedure that … more