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  • DP Intro

    Tags: dynamic programming, algorithms

    Four steps of dynamic programming, Characterize the structure of an optimal solution. Recursively define th evalue of an optimal solution. Compute the value of an optimal solution, typically in a … more

  • Longest Increasing Subsequence

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    Introduction Longest Increasing subsequence is called LIS in short. Intro to Algorithms, CLR, 3rd ed, p397: Ex-15.4-6 asks, Give an O(n^2)-time algorithm to find the longest monotonically … more

  • Longest Common Subsequence

    Tags: algorithms, dynamic programming

    Longest Common Sub-sequence is called LCS in short. The Problem Consider these two strings ( sequences of characters), A B C D A C D B We are to find the common strings/sub-sequences of them. … more

  • Quick Sort

    Tags: algorithms

    Quick sort, one of the fundamental sorting algorithms of computer science sorts an array efficiently on average. A few important things about Quick Sort, - expected running time θ(n lg n) - sorts in … more

  • bashrc script on Unix

    Tags: solaris

    I put most frequently used features on my .bashrc file. Most of it is about setting variables. This roughly involves following, setting variables setting history file Setting Variables A list, … more

  • Computer Networking Basic Interview Questions

    Primary References Microsoft technet - Address Classes Microsoft technet - Supernetting and Classless Interdomain Routing Private Addresses ( to … more

  • Notes on Email Services

    Junk Emails Are you receiving email from parties you never knew before? Don't click 'unsubscribe' or similar links in the email. You think they want to remove your email address from the list? If … more

  • Initial Setup of Debian Linux

    Tags: linux

    Debian is one of the renowned free Linux Distributions which had early GNU adaption and one year spnosorship from GNU for the project. Different flavors of Debian seem to be popular inside Google and … more

  • Deploying Orchard-1.10.2

    Tags: orchard, godaddy, Azure

    This article covers deploying the topic: "deploying Orchard-1.10.2" on Azure Websites. However, a vanilla Windows Hosting like Godaddy might as well have similar instruction. If you are using such a … more

  • Using Blob Storage with Azure Websites

    Tags: Azure, orchard

    orchardproject's Using-Windows-Azure-Blob-Storage provides documentation how to use blob storage with Azure websites. Following the documentation, I had been able to connect the blob storage account … more

  • Migrating away from wp-engine

    Tags: wordpress

    Introduction wp-engine has custom code in the some of the files in the wordpress source tree. When you move away you need to get rid of those custom code as they can make your wordpress not working. … more

  • SPARC Branch Instructions including Jump and Link

    Tags: sparc

    Introduction Suppose, in our assembly program, we need to jump to a given 64 bit address. To do that, we have to use the "Jump and Link" instruction among all those jump/branch instructions. A … more

  • Debugging using DBX

    Tags: debugging

    A good starting guide for dbx The Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx documentation is a good starting guide for dbx. It provides basic instructions on starting dbx. It also talks about, … more

  • Basic x86 Instruction Set

    Tags: assembly lang, x86

    Intro In this article, I put together some of the instructions that are most commonly used. Instructions cmpq - performs 64 bit int comparison References SO - what does the cmpq instruction do? more